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Sake Industry News is a twice-monthly newsletter covering news from within the sake industry in Japan.

Sake popularity is growing all around the world. Yet most information on sake is limited to the grades, production methods, and how to enjoy it. This is of course important, and there is still much work to do on this front! 

There is very little information presented in a structured format on what is happening in the industry itself. Those promoting sake overseas have almost no channels of information on the producers of significance, the state of the industry, new products, changes, trends and directions within the production industry and the consumer world, or major events.

If you were to ask someone that is knowledgeable about the adult beverage of any significant region of the world the names of the top ten brands or producers, they would rattle them off without hesitation. That familiarity and affinity with the industry helps them talk about it and sell it more enjoyably and effectively. This kind of a connection, this flow of information from the industry in Japan, does not yet exist.

Sake Industry News fills that gap.

Sake Industry News strives to be more of a source of information for getting to know the industry. It also tackles technical topics from time to time, and presents them assuming that the readership is up to speed on the basics. 

Publication Details

On the first and 15th of each month, get news from the sake industry in Japan – including trends, business news, changes and developments, and technical information on sake types and production methods that are well beyond the basics – sent right to your inbox.

Each issue consists of four or five short stories culled from public news sources about the sake industry in Japan, as well as one or more slightly longer stories and observations by John Gauntner on trends, new developments, or changes within the sake industry in Japan.

In time, reports on breweries with interesting and unique aspects will become a part of the content as well. All back issues will be archived here to which active subscribers will have access. 

The cost for a one-year subscription (24 issues, delivered to your email inbox on the 1st and 15th of each month) is US$100, or if you prefer to go month to month, US$10 a month. Subscribe today and get your first 2 issues free with a one month trial!

What People are Saying about Sake Industry News”

“Informative and up to date. Always enjoy reading and being updated.” 

Joshua Kalinan

As a sake importer in the US, my customers expect me to constantly be abreast of every trend in Japan, whether it’s another celebrity collaboration or some even MORE opulent way to make a luxury sake, etc.  SIN not only condenses all of the Japanese sake media into sound bytes for me but it helps me wade through it all to identify what is truly relevant in the overseas market.  

Monica Samuels

“There is so much going on in the sake industry right now that it’s quite easy to miss certain important facts, trends, movements, announcements, and pertinent statistics. SIN is absolutely the best aggregator and disseminator of sake information hands down.”

Beau Timken Co-Chairman IWC (International Wine Challenge)
Beau Timkin (True Sake)

“Great reading, full of insights into the entire breadth of all that is sake and the people behind it.” 

Charles Thomas Stewart

As a paid subscriber you receive Sake Industry News twice a month and also have access to all past issues in the archives on our website. Subscribe today and get a one month free trial!

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